Alternate Tour Jersey
Alternate Tour Jersey

Alternate Tour Jersey

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A new design has arrived just in time for the 2024 Wisconsin Foosball State Championships!! The material and sizing is the same as the original white official jersey, so please keep that in mind when ordering!

Are jersey numbers unique?
Jersey numbers are NOT unique and it is possible for two players to share the same number.  

When does this jersey Promotion end?
Jersey sales for this promotion end on February 22nd, 2024.  This is to ensure that all jerseys can be made and received by the 2024 Wisconsin Foosball State Tournament.

Will these jerseys be on sale again?
Yes, but we cannot say when this sale will happen again - so we advise buying today!

How do I know what size I should buy?
Take a look at the attached sizing chart: 

Please note that this jersey is not available in XS. If you still have questions please refer to this video: